The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics

Please read this important article from the March issue of Mother Jones. After the story went to press, the US Food and Drug Administration published a paper finding that BPA was safe in low doses, based on testing done on the wrong sample, and under…Read More

How about a plastic-free school?

School and college campuses are often the source of enormous amounts of plastic pollution. ”Plastic Free Campuses” is a global community of university and school campuses working towards reducing their plastic footprint. Join the community now!…Read More

Plastic Pollution: 2 Ways to Help With Almost No Effort

We like to make things easy for our friends and allies in the fight against plastic pollution. The issue itself is so big that small actions - that add up - can be the best way to do something about it. Here are two easy ways that you can help: 1. SHARE!…Read More

Reduce your plastic footprint twice with one action

You can help reduce your plastic footprint TWICE by simply becoming a member of Plastic Pollution Coalition, the non-profit folks that run the Stop Plastic Pollution Causes page. Here's how: 1. Becoming a member directly funds projects to reduce plastic…Read More

Mind Over Plastic: The Future Is Now

In 1967, Dustin Hoffman starred in The Graduate. In this prophetic scene, Hoffman -- playing the role of the young, naïve, Benjamin Braddock who had just graduated from college -- gets a little advice from an old family friend: Mr. McGuire: I want to say one…Read More

Bette Midler and Jeff Bridges help fight plastic pollution in a special way

We love our celebrity supporters for many reasons. Right now, they are helping us to fight plastic pollution by funding our projects with special auction items. Bette Midler wants to give you tickets to her new Broadway show "I'll Eat You Last" and to meet…Read More

Join us at Think Beyond Plastic with guest host Ed Begley, Jr.

Think Beyond Plastic is a competition and a conference, hosted by Plastic Pollution Coalition, featuring entrepreneurs and solutions that measurably reduce plastic pollution. The project focuses on innovation and disruptions to the conventional uses of…Read More
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