School Board Election Tomorrow 7:00 am - 9:00 pm

There are three great candidates running – Harmeet Narang, Donald Kawczak and Mary Collins. All three share our concerns in the growing size of our school budget with decreases each year in services and now this year, the closure of Clarksville Elementary.…Read More

Send an email today

Tell Superintendent Tebbano closing Clarksville is not the answer. Take 5 minutes to say you want him to save Clarksville and restore it to its full potential. Let's send 500 emails in 24 hours [email protected]

Almost 500 Strong!

Keep Clarksville Elementary Open! has 494 members supporting our school. Let's get to 500 and let's tell the district we want our local school. Monday night at 7:00 pm is the next forum (BCMS) but an email to the BOE, Superintenent, and our elected officals…Read More

If you haven't yet -- sign the online petition to Keep Clarksville Open

f you have no yet signed the on-line petition in support of Clarksville Elementary you still can at:

Three Simple Things You can do to Keep Clarksville Open

1. Attend the March 7th Public Meeting (in person or online) 2. Send an email to the Board of Education ([email protected]), Dr. Tebbano ([email protected]), Assemblyman McEneny ([email protected]), Senator Breslin…Read More

72% residents oppose closing Clarksville! has the results of the recent survey taken on this issue. While you are there -- make sure you check out their on-line petition. There is a BOE meeting tonight and a Community Meeting at the Clarskville Community Church (Delaware…Read More
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