How this all started

Over a year ago we stumbled upon one VA violation to law. As we researched this single violation it became apparent that the VA had a mountain of violations against veterans. We could not look the other way and let the VA mistreat those who have borne the…Read More

It's the Law; period.

38 USC § 8127 & 8128 mandated that the VA Secretary Shall give a “contracting preference and priority” to qualified veteran owned small businesses: a. above FAR Part 8 Required Sources of Supply b. above FAR Part 19 Small Business Programs c. above…Read More

The Law is on our side!

In case you weren't aware, there is a Federal Law 38 USC 8127 and 8128 that says the VA must consider Veterans "First" if they meet the legal and contract requirments. With strategic teaming and the ability to do joint ventures, we have the skills to fill ANY…Read More
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