Come on down to City Hall this Wednesday to help Save Your Keys!!!

The Frederick Keys have been a local passion since 1989 and are seeking to continue their commitment to Frederick for generations to come. The Keys are encouraging fans and supporters of the team to attend the City of Frederick’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen…Read More


Keys fans, GREAT job! 1,183 members!!! This week, I am going to make SURE that the City of Frederick knows about US! I have been hearing that we have been on, yet another, TV news program!!! I will dig into this and give you an update tomorrow. WOW, what a…Read More

Very good opinion in FNP today.... Mike Ball, if you're out there, please let us know... Either way, great point! That's what this is all about! Nils

926 and still going strong!

926 and counting! Only 74 more people to go until we hit 1,000! I am going to do a press release of this tomorrow and try to get the word spread even further. Thank you all so much for your support! For newcomers, in case you missed it, the site was on the…Read More

400 people!!!!

400 People!!! Thanks so much! Look forward to, hopefully, seeing everyone at KEYS games for years to come!!!!
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