Taking the Protest to Parliament

A government e-petition has been submitted and accepted and if it gets enough signatures the issue of the cuts to the school crossing patrol service across the country must be debated in the House of Commons. To help this happen please go to this…Read More

Politics Show Coverage of Lollipop People Campaign

To view the BBC politics show item on the Lollipop Campaign visit the blogsite www.save-lollipop-people.blogspot.com or find it on Youtube under School Crossing Patrol Item. Please continue to support this cause and keep the Lollipop People in place and our…Read More

Some real progress perhaps.

Annette Brooke, LibDem MP for North Dorset will be speaking in a 30 minutes adjournment debate in Parliament, about the School Crossing Service on March 16th. Hurray! But we still need to go on spreading the word and stopping these cuts.

Long Term Aim

I have been told that A Private Members Bill is what would be needed to make School Crossing Patrols statutory and not just concessionary. Anyone out there known an MP who would like to champion this?
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