hello ,this is the other cause i started ,i sincerly belive that enabling comunication we can build a more empatic world .the fun kids would have sending vids to other remote kids in the world would be awsom .please join and share ,.i feel this cause is…Read More

thanks to all new members

hi would you like to help this cause .the aim is to spread peace througth awhareness

spreading peace and co-operation through understanding

spread the love

thanks for beliving in our cause.

in recent times internet vidieos have changed the world for the better of millions of people .lets spread the love .thanks .p.d.mcdonald.

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please support cause..internet ,is a way 2 foster peace and understanding.please use this oppertunity .

vid cams

thanks 4 your support ,cause is growing steadley.


much has gone and never been, sky,s a laugthing winters dream, i am now i am . echo,s haunting,winters dream, i am now ,have always been. sprit soul incapitivity, souring upward wontnly, i am now ,i am. i am now have always been. youth aflame,has always been,…Read More
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