April Newsletter from Derwentwater Youth Hostel

Latest Newsletter from Derwentwater Youth Hostel

Go to the link below for the lastest from Derwentwater Youth Hostel. http://manager.monitor-mail.com/t/ViewEmail/r/2825FAF10EBDEBA1/32A7E57B01B45F28D57E886DBB2F7C8E

Winter Skills Weekends at Derwentwater Youth Hostel

Derwentwater Youth Hostel is running its Winter Skills Weekends in January and February. This is a 2 day practical course where an experienced instructor will teach you the skills for safely walking in the mountains in winter. It is an ideal introduction to…Read More

New Derwentwater website goes live. Independence day is today!

Today the sale of Derwentwater Youth Hostel was completed. Here is the new website address http://www.derwentwater.org/ Come and stay and help the new Derwentwater Youth Hostel take it's first steps. You will be pleased to see how litlle has…Read More

New Derwentwater Youth Hostel information

Incase you haven't seen it already here is a link to the facebook page for the new independent Derwentwater Youth Hostel which will begin as a Charity next week! https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Derwentwater-Youth-Hostel/190145317729693 Help us…Read More

Derwentwater Youth Hostel lives on!

It's official, contracts exchanged! Derwntwater Youth Hostel will be an independent hostel, set up as a charity. The managers of the past 20 years are continuing to manage it (hooray!), with more control over the running of the hostel than before. The…Read More

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I just sent a letter to the YHA. The deadline for bids is close and it would be great to show the YHA that they have not won the argument. If you have another letter in you please write again, if you've not yet written do it now. If you have a spare minute…Read More
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