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A Call To Action!!!

I, like many of you, find myself extremely busy these days. I have a great wife, four active kids, a squad of deputies, church membership, teaching, learning (college), working plenty to make ends meet, and I have this little cause on my plate. I have not been particularly active in my union's business, although I do care. I am like a juggler, each ball representing things I need to spend time on. I'll say it again, I am extremely busy and so are you.

We have to find a way to get involved in this fight for our pensions. Rick Scott doesn't want to make that easy and thus getting information out of his administration is not easy. It requires some effort. Rick Scott is really just the head of the snake that requires a body of people, the Legislature to create laws. It is part of the checks and balances system of our government.

I spoke with my union, the Central Florida Police Benevolent Association (CFPBA) about getting some information to share with you all. What I got back was an invitation to accompany them to Tallahassee. It was kind of a put up or shut up response. They did say my request was sent to the Tallahassee office, so hopefully I will be getting some information to share with you.

My plan is to go to Tallahassee with them and to write emails to every Senator and Representative, especially my own.

Here are some links to help you find out who your representatives are so you can send your own emails. The legislative session runs from March to May and the decisions made there directly affect each of you. We only have the time up to the session and the session itself which is about 60 days. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION.

The State of Florida's internet site:

The Online Sunshine (the official internet site of the Florida Legislature):

The Office of the Governor:

The Florida House of Representatives:

The Florida Senate:

The Republican Party of Florida:

The Orange County Republican Executive Committee:

Please take a few minutes to write a good letter. Describe your concerns for changing the FRS pension plan, and how it will affect you. Tell them what your job is and remind them how important your job is to the citizens of Florida. The repelling effects of your actions at work are far reaching. Don't discount what you do. Tell them what you expect of them, and how you and our organization will not forget how they vote...good or bad.

Next contact your union and support their efforts. If you don't have a union, I will do my best to inform you of some events you can attend or support through emails and passing the message to everyone you know.

If we want to be taken seriously, we must each take action. NOW LET “US” GET TO WORK!

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