I copied this message from the Florida Public Employees page. It's good information and it is time to get on the phones. WE NEED YOUR HELP CONTACT THE LEGISLATORS BELOW IMMEDIATELY "DON'T BALANCE THE BUDGET ON THE BACKS OF FLORIDA'S PUBLIC WORKERS" The…Read More

Florida Public Employees site and facebook page

This site sounds a lot like what we are all saying. In order to reach as many government employees as possible we have to reach out to as many other areas of the state as possible. This site originates in Miami so hopefully we can share ideas with this group…Read More

the News gets it right

Check out Rick Shady responding to the news.

A Call To Action!!!

I, like many of you, find myself extremely busy these days. I have a great wife, four active kids, a squad of deputies, church membership, teaching, learning (college), working plenty to make ends meet, and I have this little cause on my plate. I have not…Read More

Where do we go from here?

I am working on getting some appearance information for the governor. Unfortunately the calendar on his site is blank. There are a lot of people and organizations that feel the way we do on this pension issue. I'll be posting some information on what the…Read More

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