Ronnie update

As many of you know Ronnie has been staging a remarkable comback from his condition a little over a year ago. Just last week he completed a course at MC to become a certified EKG technician. The next step for Ronnie will be to get a job and move out of the…Read More

September Update!

I think receiving an email from Ron the other day was a sure sign things are indeed getting much better. Ron is living in a group home right now and all signs point to him doing quite well for himself. Hopefully soon we might even convince him to post here…Read More

Road to recovery update! Thanks to Alex Johnson.

June 23rd was a big day in the road to recovery for Ronnie. He checked out of Christ House leaving behind many friends and a great staff all whom were sad to see him leave but happy for his progress. It took a while to get him out the door as he was hugging…Read More

Ronnie recovering well.

Ronnie is still at Christ House. He is recovering well and his progress is inspiring. It is a world of difference from where he was in January. As always he appreciates the visits and the small care packages. Brett, he really loved the Crocs and Tracy, he got…Read More

Ronnie checked into Christ House this morning.

Ronnie checked out of Georgetown Hospital this morning and checked into Christ House where he will continue his recovery. In about 2 weeks time he needs to go back to Georgetown for another procedure but for the meantime he will stay at Christ House. Those…Read More

Donations for Ronnie

In the last several weeks many of you have reached out asking how you can help Ron Faulkner. Thanks to Jim Douglas and Mike Lerner we are going to be able to use an existing charity as the fundraising vehicle (Montgomery Youth Wrestling League). A separate…Read More

Ronnie just got out of second sugery.

Ronnie came out of his second surgery this morning to continue repair of both feet. He was groggy when Steve Dubos and I stopped by so we didn't stay too long. I'm going to drop off an 88-89 wrestling team photo for teamates to sign. For others Ronnie really…Read More
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