To set up a fund to help pay for Rachel's final few credits in school and existing student loans

Rachel needs your help to finish school and pay back the loans she has for her previous schooling! She will give you personal training and nutrition sessions that equal your donation to her school success. Rachel is a member of Golden Key International Honor Society. She has tried many of the scholarships and grant programs offered through a variety of resources, to no avail. She needs your financial help desperately! Please donate to this worthy cause so that you can say you were a part of getting one educator in place to help many others!

SEND DONATIONS TO [email protected] through PAYPAL

1. Rachel has about 6 classes left but no loan availability

2. Rachel's loans exceed her wages

3. Rachel wants to finish her degree and say that you helped!

4. Rachel will give you the equivalent of your donation in personal training for nutrition and fitness

5. Rachel is a 4.00 GPA student with drive, motivation, and determination!