Second Annual Canned Food Drive for Gastroparesis Awareness

Miss Ashley has once again organized a canned food drive that will be held on Saturday September 1st from 9am-1pm at The Church of the Gospel Ministry at the corner of Jefferson and Kennebec Ave in McConnelsville Ohio. There is a dual purpose for this event:…Read More

Another Successful Surgery!

Ashley's 2:30 surgery turned into a 3:45 surgery, but all is well and she is now back in her room. Dr. Teich says the surgery was a success. He set her pacer settings high like they were before with plans to turn it down gradually as she recovers in hopes of…Read More

Ashley Returns to Children's Hospital

Ashley was admitted to Nationwide Children's Hospital yesterday in order to prepare for her surgery at 2:30 this-afternoon. For those of you who haven't heard, the battery in her gastric stimulator has died again and the only way to fix this issue is to…Read More

"Just a Bend in the Road"

Ashley has been admitted to Children's Hospital for IV fluids. She has lost 5 pounds since her GI appointment just a month ago. The plan is to put in a PICC Line so that she can start back on IV nutrition. While this is not the answer we had hoped for, it…Read More

Wonderful news for Miss Ashley!

I just have to share the awesome news that we recieved at Ashley's latest doctor appointment... She has maintained or gained weight at the last 3 doctor appointments and so TODAY is our last day for TPN! The PICC will stay in for the next 12 days until her…Read More

Update: Miss Ashley's Good News!

Miss Ashley has been visiting Dr. DiLorenzo and sometimes Dr. Teich every 1-2 weeks at Nationwide Children's Hospital to keep track of her weight and labs. Yesterday at her visit, she weighed 103 pounds!!! It was decided that since she has been tolerating a…Read More

Home at Last!!!

Miss Ashley is finally at home! Dr. DiLorenzo and Dr. Teich decided that visiting once each week will be enough for the time being! After 3 weeks she finally got to come home! She is exhausted from her big day and long car trip, but so glad to be in familiar…Read More
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