CCF is dedicated to accelerating the search for causes and cures while improving diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for children affected by cardiomyopathy.

CCF's mission is to accelerate the search for a cure by stimulating and supporting promising research on pediatric cardiomyopathy, by educating and assisting physicians and patients on the complexities of the disease, and by increasing awareness and advocacy on behalf of affected children and their families.

A Cause for Today... A Cure for Tomorrow

1. Cardiomyopathy affects approximately 30,000 children in the U.S., but many cases can go undetected and untreated.

2. In relation to other serious diseases, research on pediatric cardiomyopathy continues to be extremely under-funded.

3. Our hope is that more lives will be saved, and every affected child will have a chance to live a full and active life.

4. Visit CCF at www.childrenscardiomyopathy.org for more information.