Sharing Inspirational Books for the needy & prisoners

For over 10 years Spirit Light Outreach has been delivering inspirational books like A Course in Miracles and related topics to the needy and to prisoners. Next month, with the help of the team from Pause For Inspiration and the St. Louis Course in Miracles…Read More

Funding your Charitable Cause

Through the funding link found at many worthwhile causes are experiencing tremendous growths in their levels of received donations! Visit the Why Join Us link and discover how charitable projects are quickly and easily…Read More

Grateful letters from prisoners

For years now the efforts to deliver inspirational books to prisoners has snow-balled. View some of the grateful letters from prisoners here:

This holiday season, send a gift of Hope, Love, Light and the Peace of God

Send this book to any prisoner, whether bound by walls and bars or by the ego's tenacious control.

A Christmas Mailing

This holiday season, send a gift of Hope, Love, Light and the Peace of God to people whose cries for Love usually go unheard. Help us to send these and other inspirational books to any prisoners. or Thank…Read More

An Introduction to A Course in Miracles

An (easy to understand) introduction to A Course in Miracles. This link will take you to the page that describes one of the books I send to prisoners. Enjoy!

My friend Casey

I met my friend Casey as a small child. We lived in the same orphanage. But unlike most of the young boys who enjoyed visits from family members every two weeks, Casey never had that experience. No one came to visit him. I used to notice him standing…Read More
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