Help the stray cats of Samos!

This is one of many poor street cats in Samos Greece.. We met this one in october, back then we didnt have traps, that is why we didnt succeed in  catching it. Thanks to our supporters now we dó have traps, that makes it much easier to help fellows like this…Read More

Please join our active Facebook page Greek Cat Rescue!!

Dear supporters of our page Foundation Help for the cats of Greece. We want to very much invite you all to our much more active facebook page called Greek Cat Rescue, to be found…Read More

Help for the Greek stray cats

We are a Dutch based charity, working for the Greek stray cats, starting with Samos, where number run into many thousands. For more info please visit our website: (english language) and (dutch…Read More

Prayer of a stray cat

Please send me somebody who'll care, I'm tired of running, I'm sick with despair. My body is aching, it's so racked with pain, And I pray as I run in the rain, That someone will love me and give me a home, A warm cozy bed to call my own. My last owner…Read More

English language website of our charity for the Greek Cats

Hello all of you who have a heart for Greek stray cats! We are not only a Facebook page, we are a charity. (dutch) Now we have a full English website you can visit to find out more about what we do and our goals! You can see here:…Read More

Orphan kitten on Samos..

Orhpan kitty today on Samos. Left by herself with her little sister. We want to create a cat shelter on Samos where kittens like her can be cared for. Help us to realize it, the cats of Samos need it!

Sick cat

This cat we sadly couldn't save anymore, it had severe cat flu and couldn't eat, drink or swallow anymore. It had to be put asleep to prevent furhter suffering..
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