List of Detainees

------------------------------------- ------ List of Detainees ------ ------------------------------------- 1 Nasr Eldin Adam Mohamed, Jan 30th, 2011 2 Gatata Mohamed Aldras, Jan30th 2011 3 Abdu-elaziz Ahmed Hassan kambal, Jan30th 2011 4 Abdall Aidaroos,…Read More

Post Cause link in your Facebook status

Dear Supporters... We have now passed the 500 mark on our 2nd day, it is but a small milestone if we want our cause to be heard and acknowledged. We, hereby, plead with all of you to post the below link in your status to increase awareness and concern of…Read More


we need as much supporters to the cause as we can, right now we got 100 members in 1 day but that's far from enough... the more we are, the better our chances of raising international awareness to this cause and the freedom of speech & opinion in Sudan,…Read More

Spread the Word !!!

no further words needed... let's get heard...

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