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To all the wonderful people who are working on this cause, thanks for joining.Just note that each one of us can change someones life. So send invite to more and more of your friends to join this cause...

National Eye Donation Fortnight "August 25 to September 8 "

Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of India, declare National Eye Donation Fortnight. This fortnight will be celebrated in between August 25 to September 8. And September 8 will be observed as National Eye Donation Day. On this noble occasion…Read More

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Hi friends .......Invite more of your friends to join this noble cause and help someone to view this beautiful world the same way we see this world.

Invite Friends

Hi all, Please invite more of your friends so that we can increase the number of eye donors and spread more awareness regarding this noble cause.... Regards Naman

Who can be an eye donor?

Who can be an eye donor? Practically anybody from the age of 1 year. There is no upper age limit. People who wear spectacles, who have undergone cataract surgery, diabetics and those who have hypertension can donate their eyes. People blind from retinal or…Read More
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