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MARCH 12th Rally

Hello to all, I hope that you are all planning on attending the Rally tomorrow in Austin. I would love to meet and talk with all of you. I am from Randolph ISD which is a school on the Air Force Base in San Antonio. Look for our student painted signs. I will…Read More

Add Your Voice to the Call for a Balanced Approach to a Balanced Budget

Taken From the Texas AFT Hotline: With projected public school layoffs of 100,000, your job or the job of someone you know is on the line…and so is the future of Texas. Call your Texas House representative now to urge a balanced approach to balancing the…Read More

Things you can do to help today!

Call Senator Dan Patrick's office and let him know it is insulting to ask school districts to use their rainy day funds to make up the state shortfall caused by shortsighted policies like cutting property taxes. Local districts are ALREADY planning to cut…Read More

Please Attend the Save Texas Schools Rally Support them any way you can! And don't forget to *Like them on facebook!

How many are going to the Save Texas Schools Rally???

Randolph ISD will be there!


Thank you to all that joined in on the effort to fight for a better education for the students of today! Your comments and efforts are much appreciated. Thanks, Maria
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