Idaho NIP bill update...

The Idaho Breastfeeding Law Coalition has had a lot of forward progress in the past few weeks as we continue in our endeavor to introduce a bill into the legislative session by 2013. Here are our most recent highlights -- We have submitted the bill to all…Read More

Form letter for Idaho breastfeeding bill...

Idaho residents, we need your help! Kori Penkert and Rina Joye Bly recently submitted the Breastfeeding in Public bill to every senator and representative in Idaho to ask for their support. We are campaigning to have the bill presented at the 2013…Read More

Email the Governor

Here is an updated contact form for the governors office.

Please joint us...

Please joint us on the Support public breastfeeding in Idaho facebook page-!/pages/Support-public-breastfeeding-in-Idaho/195502903809267

NIP bill...

I get to share some exciting news: We are in the process of drafting legislation for a bill that protects moms and babies, who need to breastfeed in public or in private places, in Idaho. If everything goes smoothly, the law could go into effect as early as…Read More


If we could call and email the sponsor of the Idaho NIP bill, John Rusche, that should help motivate him to really care about the bill and encourage it to move forward in the process.

New Group on Facebook Here is the new group page for supporters of the Idaho breastfeeding laws in Idaho. Please come and join the group since they have taken the age for this cause away from us.
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