#SoniaGandhi @PMOIndia: Sack #Kurien! Don't Trash #India's #Rape Law!

are you still waiting to get solution of wanna take action to tackle this problem http://www.causes.com/actions/1731388-pmoindia-sack-kurien-immediately-save-indias-anti-rape-law

Petrol Prices in India

Price in Pakistan Rupee/Litre $3.86 /Rs. 38.78litr Diesel Price in PAK Curreny -78.33 Diesel Price in INR/ Litre -41.83 Petrol Price in PAK Currency -72.96 Petrol Price in INR/Litr -38.96 HOBC Price in PAK Currency -86.67 HOBC Price in INR/Litr…Read More
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