Dear Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, Every begining has an End. Your Era of Political Reign has Ended in 2008. Why do you think that you are so smart that, no other Maldivian can be compared. Please DO NOT FOOL yourself AGAIN, by thinking that a lot of Maldivian want…Read More

lets target 20,000 fb users to join this cause..

express tour self.. say dint wanna to golhaa to Rule...AGAIN...7TH too nuch dgo.. pass the msg and ask them to join.. i firmly 20,000 is achievable.. similar like mugabe.even the rhymes gohlabe

Join your SILENT PROTEST against the minds of continuing a dictatorial rule... do you part.... use a wallpaper, poster or if can print and wear the t-shirts.... the change by voting for change... Thanks! -Raziin

members stand against and another "stunt" of maumoon.. enough is enough!!

A group of seven civil society organisations have joined forces to campaign against the government's controversial proposed amendments to the Civil Service Act 2007. Arguing the proposals are "undemocratic" and a "step backwards" for the country's legal…Read More

Broken Promises & Political Deception

It was once said that money is the root of all evil. There remains insight in that statement. It can lead us to greed and envy, a sense of lack and neediness, a feeling of failure or euphoric entitlement. Kept just poor enough, and we have no time for…Read More

Youth & Good Governance

Today's youth will one day lead societies in various countries, build their economies, and make decisions that will have an impact in the lives of future generations. A series of international conferences have been devoted to various themes analyzing and…Read More

alhe..kihaa vareh veema tha fundhenee meehakah!!

O GoD!! after what Mr. Maumoon talked abt last night...i totally agree that he's gone nuts...i can bet he needs psychiatric treatment!!.. c'mon dont he has family who care for him... c'mon...maumoon's family let the old man spend his "muskulhi duvas kolhu" in…Read More
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