LAST MAJOR PUSH - TODAY - Julian/WikiLeaks Call to Action

Today is the last push for additional Cause Members in this Call to Action. We need you to Post this Call to your Wall and use the Causes invite function to ask your friends to Join Today! While individuals are welcome to join after today, we need you NOW!…Read More

Monday is fast appoaching.....

As I write this Bulletin our Call to Action in Support of Julian/WikiLeaks has 443 members. I greatly appreciate that each of you have joined this key effort. 443 members in four days is a success. However, we need to push that total higher before Monday's…Read More

Julian/WikiLeaks Call to Action

This quick Call to Action in support of Julian/WikiLeaks ends on Tuesday Feb. 8th. It is a short term advocacy campaign designed to educate the United Kingdom media and government about Mondays Hearing while also demonstrating our passionate support. It is…Read More

Call to Action in support of Julian Assange / WikiLeaks in Mondays London Extradition Hearing

I am asking you and all of my FB friends to join with me in supporting Julian/WikiLeaks by sending the five auto-emails provided under positions. Julian's extradition hearing will start on Monday, Feb. 7th and he needs all of the support we can provide. As…Read More
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