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Sponsor SAFE’s ”Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage” and help distribute these buttons free-of-charge around the world.


SAFE launched this campaign three years ago in response to the frightening news about the looting and destruction of Egypt’s cultural heritage. Our goal was to raise awareness about the situation and show solidarity for the people in Egypt. Thanks to your enthusiastic response, buttons were distributed around the globe, from Greece to Australia to Sweden to Canada - check out these pictures posted by supporters showing off their buttons

This April, in honor of our 2014 Beacon Award Winner Monica Hanna, SAFE will relaunch this awareness campaign and distribute “Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage” buttons in Egypt. Wearers are asked to have their photos taken with the buttons (selfies are perfect!) and email the photos to: [email protected] with your name, location and any other comments. We will add them to the others. Together, let's make a statement to the world that we all stand together to save the past for our future.

With these buttons, not only will Egyptians wear their pride for their heritage on their sleeves (or lapels, shirts, bags, anywhere…) they will also send a clear message to others to also say “YES” to Egypt’s heritage, our shared heritage.

Become a sponsor today! Thank you.

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