UNESCO ends visit to Egypt, discusses preliminary recommendations

"A detailed UNESCO report on restoration works carried out at Djoser's Step Pyramid in Saqqara and in Historic Cairo will be issued mid-December"…Read More

Egyptian embassy tries to prevent auction of 2,300-year-old coffin lid

Egyptian authorities attempted to stop sale in Cambridgeshire; however “The complexity here is that it has been out of the country for many years and the owner has passed away,” but stressed: “It’s our assumption it might have been illegally removed from…Read More

Egyptian police foil antiquities smugglers at Damietta port

Police recovered nearly 100 artefacts dating from Egypt's Mohamed Ali dynasty before they could be shipped from the Nile Delta to the United…Read More

Egypt restores stolen King Cheops cartouche samples

"The Egyptian embassy in Berlin will restore on Friday samples of a cartouche of King Cheops, which were stolen by German researches a year ago from the Great…Read More

Arts Council England takes action against Northampton after controversial sale

As a follow up to the sale of the Sekhemka sculpture, Arts Council England (ACE) has stripped the Accreditation status of the two museums managed by Northampton Borough Council, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery and Abington Park…Read More

Justice Department Ceases Effort to Return Ancient Mask to Egypt

After a series of setbacks in court, the Department of Justice has decided to drop its legal effort to try to reclaim the 3,200 year-old Egyptian funerary mask for Egypt.…Read More

Further Discovery at Ancient Amarna

Burial remains shed light on the "missing 6,000" of ancient Egypt's Amarna period. http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/june-2013/article/archaeologists-uncover-lost-population-of-ancient-amarna
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