To get eBay Australia to implement a charity component into its systems.

eBay Australia needs to make charity fundraising easier. In Australia, eBay sales account for 5 out of every 6 items bought online, imagine if just 5% of this was donated to charity. Over $12.5 Billion is spent online in Australia, not including travel. Why have we not done anything yet?
To be able to raise funds at the moment, is too hard. If it was easier, imagine the difference that could be made.
eBay US and eBay UK, both have dedicated charity sites, so why not Australia? It is time they started.
All they need to do is give sellers the option to donate a portion of their sale to a selected charity. Then eBay handles the money, so there is no fraud, and it is as easy as that. eBay just has to take some time to set up a simple system to enable this to happen.

1. http://www.facebook.com/pages/eBay-Charity/185297178167622-please like this page

2. Let's make this happen this year!!

3. Such a HUGE community can make a HUGE impact. Why are they making it so hard?