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Leading by example

Hi all - it's less than 3 months since we crossed the 100 member mark; and already we are approaching the 200 mark (i'm convinced we'll be there within the next week).
Thanks to one and all for making the effort!!!

While we're gathering strength in numbers, here's one thing we can do ensure we are reducing packaging:
Paper Cups - some of us use 3 or 4 of them a day; and because it has become a part of our routine, we've probably stopped wondering where the used cups go ;) So, if you're not yet carrying your own cup when you travel or commute, here are a few salient facts about paper cups:
1) The US alone, consume more than 16 billion (paper) cups of coffee a year! That equates to about 30421 cups per minute, or nearly one million every 30 minutes!!!!
2) 6,568,421 trees were cut down to produce these cups and enough energy used to power nearly 54 000 homes!!! (Source, various, see:
Individually we can make a small dent in those figures if we start carrying our own cup! But more importantly we can influence our friends and colleagues by example (i've got my 5 fellow team members using their own cups and we calculate that between us we save about 1-1/2 trees a year!)
I'll be in touch soon. In the meantime, if you have a tip or would like to raise attention to a specific packaging issue, or you have a brilliant idea for a permanent LOGO for the cause please get in touchl!

On behalf of Mother Earth ;)

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