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Wow! Wow! and Thanks!

Today, at 08.45 (GMT) we crossed that magic line! Seanagh Graham from Pertoria in South Africa became our 100th member and in facebook parlance we are now officially a "club"!
This is a rather historical moment! And to make sure we remember in ten years time when the world has finally got rid of excessive packaging, i've archived the names of our first 100 "founder members".
Here's a brief history of Consumer Resistance Against Packaging to date:
On 19 January 2008, I started the cause. On the same day, Anne Duncan became the first recruit. Things moved up a notch when Elsie Baker joined on 1 August, and another notch or two when Ingrid Pullen joined the ranks in September. Elsie and Ingrid are directly responsible for 30 members, and indirectly for many more. Our next big push came when Cass Hong joined in October and started cajoling her friiends into joining (one of Cass's recruits, Jamie Wong Yui King has himself recruited 5 members).
So whereto from here?
1) I think it's fitting to remember our first 100 members and honour them as 'Founder Members'. (I'll arrange for the creation of certificates, which members can download.) I'd suggest however we allow the next 150 members, until we reach the 250 mark to also be honoured in this way; and use this to motivate our friends to join, thereby moving our group to the next level.
2) It's time to formalise the cause - i'd like to work with a few volunteers to set it up as a proper foundation, so that we can raise funds (we'll need funds if we want to stage awareness campaigns in schools, or take adverts on radio, television, newspapers, etc...)
3) But perhaps most important at this stage:
Recruit, recruit, recruit!

Thank you all for joining; for recruiting your friends; for making a difference!

On behalf of Mother Earth, Her Friends and Her Helpers ;)

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