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Making a difference!

According to this article on (, about 86 per cent of the 70 million plastic bottle produced each day in the US, end up in our rubbish!

Just one tip in this article alone, could change your bottled-water buddies minds:
"The 'off' taste of tap water is the chlorine; if you refrigerate it in a container with a loose-fitting lid, the chlorine taste will be gone overnight."

Membership drive!
Can each and every one of the 26 current members, recruit one new person per week into this group?
Of course it is, and what 26 people could achieve if this is to happen, not just in numbers, but in active action will make a difference!

Assuming new members also recruit 1 new person per week...

after week 1: 52 members
after week 2: 104 members
after week 4: 416 members
after week 13: 212992....
two weeks later we hit the million mark, and after only 4 months the membership numbers will stand at 3 million plus!!!!

Enough people to make real demands to retailers to stop selling fruit and vegetables, batteries, etc, etc, etc in layers and layers of packaging. And if they dont want to listen to fill every car park of every Tesco in the UK? (I say this tongue in cheek - perhaps someone want to do the maths?)

We'll have enough people to enable us to raise funds to advertise on television, showing people that the hype around bottled water is pure marketing drivel, and all we are doing is being suckers for the hype while generating mountains of plastic bottles (here's more information about the hype around botled water:

Have fun!

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