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we're growing - what's the word... organically ;)

Hey folks - we've reached the magic number of one-six! The battle has commenced ;) Personally, I'm sick and tired of battling to get a toothbrush, batteries, or any other item, out of hard plastic wrappers... Actually i am sick and tired of all the packaging that we have to PAY for on top of the item we are purchasing, every time we buy a product (or multi-pack 'special'). (And then get rid of...) I'd be just as happy to buy my toothbrush in a soft plastic wrapper; tomatoes in a paper bag, and batteries one or two at a time (instead of 4, when most devices only need 2 or 3!).
I'm hoping that we get this group up to a million plus (may take a few months ;) in order to start putting pressure on producers and marketeers. Your comments, discussion, help and invites to others are all appreciated! See also:
(and soon we'll have our own website!)

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