Consumers taking action against excessive and unneccessary product packaging

Consumer Resistance Against Packaging is taking a stance against the excessive use of packaging of products.

With your help we will be able to start a campaign of education, raising awareness and putting pressure on producers, suppliers and shops, etc to reduce excessive packaging.

At one level we hope to raise awareness of how easy it is to avoid buying excessively packaged goods; at another level we intend to make our collective voice heard and bring about change at the point of production and sale!

If a letter does not bring about change, then protest marches and product boycots will!

Here are some ideas of how we can show displeasure:
1) stage demonstration days which will include removing packaging in-store for shops to get rid off.
2) stop buying bulk items contained in extensive plastic packaging.
3) organise a carpark sit-in at your local shopping centre

By organising on a large scale, eg: stage simultaneous action days in New York, Perth, London, Paris... we will be sure to attract worldwide attention and get numbers behind us!

Together we can make our little planet better!

1. Excessive packaging is an indirect contributor to global climate change!

2. Packaging for marketing purposes only serves to annoy the person who has to remove it; filling landfill sites faster than we can create them!!

3. The average person (in the UK), throws away seven times their body weight (about 500kg) in rubbish every year!!!

4. 70 million plastic bottle are produced EVERY day in the US alone! 86% end up on a rubbish tip!