Leading by example

Hi all - it's less than 3 months since we crossed the 100 member mark; and already we are approaching the 200 mark (i'm convinced we'll be there within the next week). Thanks to one and all for making the effort!!! While we're gathering strength in numbers,…Read More

Wow! Wow! and Thanks!

Today, at 08.45 (GMT) we crossed that magic line! Seanagh Graham from Pertoria in South Africa became our 100th member and in facebook parlance we are now officially a "club"! This is a rather historical moment! And to make sure we remember in ten years time…Read More

Making a difference!

According to this article on current.com (http://current.com/items/89263080_top_6_myths_about_bottled_water), about 86 per cent of the 70 million plastic bottle produced each day in the US, end up in our rubbish! Just one tip in this article alone, could…Read More

we're growing - what's the word... organically ;)

Hey folks - we've reached the magic number of one-six! The battle has commenced ;) Personally, I'm sick and tired of battling to get a toothbrush, batteries, or any other item, out of hard plastic wrappers... Actually i am sick and tired of all the packaging…Read More
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