بۆ دامه‌زراندنی کۆماری سه‌ربه‌خۆی کوردی ---------
for returning of a 40 million kurdish people rights and uniting the 4 pices of kurdistan to be the original kurd land

بۆ دامه‌زراندنی کۆماری سه‌ربه‌خۆی کوردی و به‌دیهێنانی پشتگیری نێونه‌ته‌وه‌یی بۆ ئه‌م مه‌به‌سته‌
هه‌موو ڕاستیه‌کان له‌ سه‌ره‌تاوه‌ هه‌ر خه‌ون بوون ،،، با ئێمه‌یش ئه‌م خه‌ونه‌ پیرۆزه‌ بکه‌ینه‌ ڕاستی

The Kurdish people are more than 50 millions now live without an independent state, the Kurds say that who was made the division of Kurdistan,must apologize to the history and us and build an independent Kurdish state?? ??

1. all kurds are invited to join

2. just kurd citizins can apply and others who love kurd in all over the world

3. her is our kurdistan republik