We the Missing, Lost, Abducted Children Adults-(CathyKat Moholland) are working dedicated to find the missing children that are abducted , missing , disabled, that could be anywhere!

Missing, Lost, Abducted Children Adults-(CathyKat Moholland) is dedicated to the internet circulation of photos and information of missing children.

Please join us. Helping Circulate the pictures and descriptive information of a missing child through your email and internet networks. Let us give them a better chance to get back home.

It is my belief that we WILL make a difference. The internet circulation of missing children will bring them far and wide, enabling thousands to see their beautiful and adorable faces. In doing so, not only will these children have a better chance to return to those who love them, but so many more people will bring them to light through their hearts, intentions, and prayers.

"It takes a Community to raise a child." We ARE that Community .

1. Help find these missing children

2. stop sex trafficking

3. stop sex offenders

4. stop abductors that our children