An Act of Dog Museum Store Opens With Two Stunning Prints

An Act of Dog Museum Store is now open! Please shop and share with your friends. The official "Lennox" Giclee Print is now available as well as our stunning Collage of 900 shelter dogs.

Documentary about An Act of Dog 2 minute trailer

Sagacity Productions in association with PBS follows artist Mark Barone on his quest to paint 5,500 portraits after his partner Marina Dervan uncovers a horrifying reality.

Win free tickets to our Memorial Museum!

Dear Friends, We appreciate you for your continued support and kindness and know that like us, you care about making a difference! Today, we ask that you take a few moments to consider telling us why you like "An Act of Dog," in a few short sentences. All…Read More

An Act of Dog

Please invite your friends to join our cause to help make America a No-Kill Nation. If you get just one person to join our cause we will reach our goal. We appreciate all your support and your efforts have helped us make our mission a success. Thank you…Read More

An Inside Look at "An Act of Dog"

This video is an inside look at "An Act of Dog", why it was started and its vision for the Project.

Image of An Act of Dog Exhibit

Watch as this 4% of the 5500 Paintings grows into the first Museum of its kind in the World! We have close to 25% of the project done but because of the size of the exhibit we could not put 25% in this picture as that would have over 1500 paintings. This…Read More

They need you now!

America is a beautiful place to live, & we have the rest of our lives to enjoy it. Sadly, without your support, the same hopes of 5500 Shelter Dogs will be smothered in Body Bags. Until we examine our Moral Fiber & say NO to the killing of our most…Read More
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