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MITHILAsmita's Project on "Madhubani Folk Art Galleries" shortlisted for SPARKTHERISE Contest by Mahindra. Vote for us. Help us be the next Spark!!!


Dear Cause Members,

Our Mission to preserve & promote traditional Mithila art & its artists have been shortlisted for a national level contest 'SPARK THE RISE' by Mahindra Groups to identify the 'Change-makers of India'.

*A SIMPLE MISSED CALL to 02261850184 (OR)
* SMS MHRISE P08230 to 54646 (OR)
* SIGNING in to

Call +912261850184/ 02261850184 with your mobile number* to vote. (*Online Indian Mobile nos.)

Help us be the next Spark!!

MITHILAsmita's victory will help:
• All those heritage art & craft of India, who have died/ are dying in the lack of apathy & neglect.
• All those traditional artists/craftsmen of India who have been left unrecognized, with no/little livelihood.
• Bringing an international status to the genuine free hand art of Mithila, long lost in the process of 'unethical commercialization'.
• Helping preserve the Art History of the centuries old traditions of India.
• Promote Social Entrepreneurship in today's young, educated and aware generation.

Thanks in anticipation,
MITHILAsmita Madhubani Folk Art Team

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