To prevent the traditional Mithila Painting or Madhubani Painting from becoming extinct

Mithila Painting or Madhubani Painting:
This art has been practised in Mithila(region comprising whole of North Bihar, INDIA) from time immemorial. Even Vedas, purans and tantra make numerous references to it. For centuries women have decorated the walls and floors of dwellings with intricate symbolic paintings. Thus the history of Mithila painting begins as early as the love of interior decoration in human beings.
The folk paintings of Mithila are the joyous expressions of the Mithila women. The murals are distinctive in their rich and lively compositions and vibrant colours using themes from Hindu Mythology, maithil tantrik traditions and legends play significant roles in ancient life cycle ceremonies. These paintings are originally done in traditional style on auspicious occasions, and at festivals, marriages, sacred thread ceremonies and child birth ceremony on the floors and the walls of the houses. Since 1966, however the paintings have been developed into a commercial product. The rural women of Mithila have found a commercial market for their festive art.

Unfortunately, even now most of the income from these Madhubani Paintings do not reach the hands of artists. Also, for monetary gain, the traditional and more meaningful themes are vanishing. They are replaced by more repetitive and insignificant themes, hidden by colourful patterns.

MITHILAsmita (www.mithilasmita.com) endeavours to protect the traditional art and themes, by promoting the art and the hidden treasure of knowledge behind these paintings.

Join hands in protecting the age-old folk art, a beautiful form of expression. MITHILA Paintings or MADHUBANI Paintings

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