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2-20-11: Update From Senator Johnson

This came to us from Senator Constance Johnson, the author of SB573. Sorry to be a little late in posting.........

"The bill is in Sen. Crain's committee where he has decided he's not hearing any bills. I'm asking around (other committee chairs) to see if anyone will hear it. It's not dead as of yet because the deadline is 2/28--and certainly not because of a short session--

Please encourage members to keep the pressure on. I will visit w/ the Business and Commerce chair (Newberry) but I don't expect much.

So yes, ultimately it could become dormant as of the 28th, but it's still not dead yet. The bill is still alive for next year. Then there's the amendment process in which an amendment can be offered on the floor assuming we can locate a bill that is germane. Of course, they control that too. A fall back plan could be to introduce a simple resolution (no force/effect of law), but they could also block that.

I know none of this is encouraging, but voters should make sure their legislators understand how they feel about their refusal to consider this issue for discussion.

Thanks for all you do"

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