2-20-11: Update From Senator Johnson

This came to us from Senator Constance Johnson, the author of SB573. Sorry to be a little late in posting......... "The bill is in Sen. Crain's committee where he has decided he's not hearing any bills. I'm asking around (other committee chairs) to see if…Read More

2-16-11 Update: We Need Your Input

Hey Everybody: We're still waiting to see what will happen with SB573. We'd like to ask you one more thing: We need your stories about your phone calls and emails to your Senators and especially tell us about the responses you received. Please send me a…Read More

2-10-11 Update on SB573!

Norma Sapp gives us the latest update on SB573, medical marijuana in Oklahoma: "UPDATE ! I head from Senator Johnson today. She was asking if anyone in Senator Crains district had written to him yet. She also said that we MUST get Sen. Crain to agree to hear…Read More

2-9-11 Update on SB573

Here is an update coming from Norma Sapp. She writes in part, Hi All, SB 573 has been assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Here is a list of all the committee members. You should write to all of them with your personal stories. Keep it…Read More

2-4-11 Update on SB573!

This is John with I Support SB573: Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma. Sorry to bug you again, but we have new information. Norma Sapp just gave us some good news from Senator Johnson that we still have time to get SB573 assigned to a committee! So we’re asking…Read More

Two More Things to Do For SB573

Hey: This is John with I Support SB573: Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma. I hope you've had time to contact your State Senator. We now have less than a week to get SB573 assigned to committee or it will die immediately so please do two more things. 1. Call…Read More

How To Find and Contact Your State Senator

Thank you for supporting SB573! Please, you MUST contact your State Senator as soon as possible! 573 will die before it even gets started if we don't speak up. If you do not know who your Oklahoma State Senator is, go here to find…Read More
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