Promote a participatory conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Central Amazon

The Rio Negro Basin is one of the most conserved region in Amazonia. Biodiversity and traditional people coexist in this region for centuries. A collective effort involving NGOs, local communities and some governmental institutions is trying to consolidate a huge mosaic of protected areas in rio Negro, including conservation units and indigenous lands. We believe that is possible to develop the region, protecting and using rationally the natural resources with respect and participation of local inhabitants as part of the decision making processes. But unfortunately, the pressure of urban expansion of Manaus, big and bad planned infrastructure projects, and disrespect to traditional cultures are always threatening the construction of a more positive scenario. A big and collective effort needed to make the difference.

1. Spread news about conservation actions in course in Rio Negro Basin

2. Suport to develop projects focused on sustainable use of Non Timber Forests Products by Local Communities

3. Support to implement the Protected Areas in Rio Negro basin

4. More informations: www.fva.org.br