Senator George Norcross

At my urging, Senator Norcross introduced a bill last month regarding vehicular negligence. Had this bill been established prior to Michael's death the driver would have been charged with vehicular negligence, which the proposed bill has a minimum 3 year…Read More

Court this evening and the driver's sentence...

The driver received 180 days, 6 yrs loss of license, 30 days community service and thousands in fines. Plus he will have to appear in DMV court n will lose his license for an additional 5-10 yrs.


Great News!!! Just found out Sen Norcross's office is writing the bill I requested. I should have more information on it by the end of the week. A very special thanks to Melissa Laughlin Pollitt for her help on this.

We have a court date.

Please view the event, and invite anyone you think would wish to help us show the importance of this petition.

290 Total Signatures

Well what can I say, You all are wonderful. Thanks so much for the support. Lets keep SHARING.

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As the day comes to an end, I'd like to thank everyone again. We have reached 252 signatures as of 10 pm tonight. Lets keep posting and sharing. Together we can make a difference.

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‎204 Total Signatures, Thanks again for the support. Its amazing what can be accomplished in such little time. Lets keep getting signatures.
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