We stand against Compact Crampomitosis, which drives teeth into knees and buckles the legs of millions of compact car drivers every year. Please donate to give them the leg room they crave

Millions of compact car drivers are fighting against leg-buckling Crampomitosis, caused by a chronic lack of leg room. These choice-starved people have knees riddled with teeth marks, toes pointing in impossible directions, and seemingly no choice when it comes to a comfortable car to drive. Please help us help them to rise up—without cracking joints, and without shame. Join others in this fight against Crampomitosis and donate to find a cure. All contributions to this cause will actually benefit Americans for the Arts, which will help the car designers of the future build compacts that are roomier, more stylish, and free of pain and suffering.

1. We believe Crampomitosis is conquerable in our lifetime.

2. We believe no one should have to know what their knees taste like.

3. We will not take this sitting down.