Sierra Club Asks City to Review Environmental Impacts of Privatizing Miramar

In November 2010, the Sierra Club asked the City of San Diego to comply with state law requiring a public evaluation of potential environmental impacts before privatizing Miramar Landfill. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires a…Read More

Our letter in today's U-T responding to Jay Goldstone

Managed competition sparring continues It is unfortunate that city of San Diego Chief Operating Officer Jay Goldstone chooses to ignore community concerns about the serious risks and potential costs of contracting out Miramar Landfill operations and other…Read More

Councilmembers demand answers before outsourcing Miramar Landfill

[Thanks for all who wrote/called the councilmembers! We were heard today.] May 18, 2011 Councilmembers demand answers before outsourcing Miramar Landfill Saying serious questions haven’t been answered, a San Diego City Council committee today put the…Read More

Alert: City rushing to outsource Miramar landfill and other city services

While the mayor did not succeed in directly privatizing Miramar landfill, his staff is now working to outsource the landfill operations through a process called "managed competition." And they're rushing to outsource several other public services at the same…Read More

Recycling secure tax documents event, another great service brought to you by Miramar

Would a for profit company provide this service for free? Don't think so! "The city’s recycling center at 5165 Convoy Street, off Highway 52, is offering San Diegans a place where they can recycle their outdated tax files for…Read More

The Miramar landfill sale failed, why is the city continuing down the outsourcing path?

Despite the fact that the landfill is a money-maker, the city continues to rush through the managed competition process to outsource the operations at the landfill; leaving risks including increased liability for the city, risks to community services…Read More

Letter to the Editor: City should continue as Miramar landfill operator

Share and invite your friends to the cause!!! "The article strengthened my convictions regarding city ownership and management of the Miramar Landfill... The environmental risks are far too great for it to be owned by a private company where profit is the…Read More
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