To get our city officials to appreciate the cultural importance and support the continuance of Casa de Luz

The city of Austin is requiring that Casa de Luz provide 50 parking spaces in an area where there are none available. If the spaces are not provided, the city will close Casa down on June 1, 2011 after 20 years of service.

Parks and Recreation will be closing their parking lot (across the way from Casa de Luz) to make way for the workers of the new Zachery Scott theatre and PARD employees.

Here's the idea. Let's somehow get Parks and Recreation to have an equal appreciation for this place of culture so that they *want* to provide parking spaces. Then, Casa de Luz can continue to provide another 20 years of service.

Here is a link to an Austinist interview which contains more information: http://bit.ly/fCSp3P

1. Casa is teaching our citizens to be healthy without the expensive medical system.

2. Strolling the park and then visiting Casa de Luz is considered by many as a daily spiritual practice.

3. Casa bucks the trend and provides unprocessed, organic food in a serene setting at the lowest price possible.