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Please hold tight

Tomorrow Wednesday August 3, we will have a hearing at Municipal court. The various issues are being addressed. We will give you an update tomorrow. We don't need to mobilize yet. We believe the city wants to help work through the issues. Note: European…Read More

August 3rd Municipal Court Hearing on non compliance

Casa de Luz was unable to provide the parking required by code. Parks and Recreation is unwilling to enter into a parking agreement even though it would mean no material change since it would not increase the number of cars. The court could order the closing…Read More

Parking on Sterzing

John Wooley has given us the go ahead to start parking in what is now the former Chuy's parking lot on Sterzing. Parks & Recreation has taken part (not all) of their parking lot and made it exclusive for 'hanging tags.' There is no word from the city on…Read More

Providing our low cost answer to public health

We met over a Luz Lunch with two directors of Health and Human Services, Dr. Phil Huang and Vincent Cobalis. They understand the value of whole, organic, plant based nutrition in a community setting. We will explore ways to offer our approach to freedom from…Read More

Accreditation by Austin City government?

John Mackey, Whole Foods Market, is in support of Casa de Luz. He has hired an adroit person to come up with solutions. His choice is Dowe Gullet. We came up with many ideas he called "the low hanging fruit" for these ideas are just a start. We talked about…Read More

Culturally Significant? Yes!

Chris Riley, Randi Shade, Laura Morrison (city council members) all see Casa de Luz & Parkside School as a valuable organization to our city. They are all requesting that our city officials find a solution. Our crisis has spotlighted 'parking' as an issue…Read More
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