Law Enforcement Officers are being targeted through the bullets and assaults of thugs, and cutbacks in their departments. They protect YOU. WHO PROTECTS THEM??

The purpose of this cause is for civillians to find a place where they can learn about Law Enforcement. How they get to where they are. What they experience and carry with them. Why the are who they are.
Become aware of why we need to take a stand for them. Learn.. that they need us as much as much as we need them.
So, welcome. Take a look at some of what is here, and then.. I pray you will find many reasons to make a phone call to your Local, State, and Federal representatives. Our LEO's are being targeted. By thugs with guns and politicians with pens. It's TIME for US to show they why them why they also need to start standing up for our those who are working so hard to win the battle on the streets.

As of January 24, 2011 there have been 14 deaths in the Line of Duty. There is an increasing amount of shootings and assaults of our LEO's.

162 Officers were killed while in the Line of Duty

128 Officers were killed while in the Line of Duty





1. The numbers of LEO's getting shot at and killed are staggaring.

2. The number of Officers being layed off by Departments forced into cuts by politicians who eat free lunches and get free healthcare is UNACCEPTABLE

3. The number of civillians and politicians who call on LEO's when there is trouble is immeasurable.

4. The number of civillians and politicians who turn their heads away from the slaughter of those who protect us is UNFATHOMABLE.