We won!

Today in Concord, Speaker O'Brien finally called for a veto-override vote. We sustained Governor Lynch's veto with 12 more votes than the neccessary 1/3 plus one needed to prevent the override!

Dirty Politics


As you know, the NH House passed HB-474, Right to Work, back in February, by a 221-131 margin. Of the 131 nay votes, 40 of them were from Republican Reps. The bill passed the House with an amendment that removed the union's responsibility to represent…Read More

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Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5th, the Senate Commerce Committee will take up House Bill 474, "RTW" (for less) Please show up at the State House in Concord at 9AM to show your opposition to this Union Busting bill!

Stop Right to Work in New Hampshire. Sign our New Petition

On Tuesday, the House Labor Committee voted 10-7 to pass "right to work" (for less). This is a devastating blow to the middle class of New Hampshire. The full House will be voting on this bill on Tuesday, February 15th. We need your help to do the following…Read More

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Please invite people from your friends list to join this cause, so we can get the message out to a larger audience.
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