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Email to Nobel Commitee

Chers tous,

Devant l'urgence par rapport a la date limite de dépôt des candidatures j'ai du prendre l'initiative et envoyer au comité de sélection des prix noble l'email ci-dessous.
Je suis malheureusement pas habilite a le faire mais c'est en désespoir de cause et certainement mieux que rien.

To the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize Committee,

I have the honor to write this letter to your eminent committee to apply on behalf of the Tunisian People for the Nobel Peace Prize 2011.
Tunisia has, for more than half a century, been ruled by dictatorships.
Especially the last two decades were , for Tunisian, lived under the oppressive police regime of a one-man focused rule protecting a quasi-mafia nepotism-based system. The “ruling families” have corrupted
Since Mid December Tunisian people have started an unprecedented peaceful uprising that has culminated on January 14th by ousting the tyranic dictator, Zine Elabidine Benali.
The demonstrations and rallies have been shared by all social categories regardless to any political or religious beliefs. They have been spontaneous and without any leadership.
This success story of the strong will of people, thriving peacefully for Freedom, shall be a fantastic precedent and example of all oppressed people especially in the middle east…but not only.
This people deserves your consideration and support by a nomination to your esteemed Peace Prize, that will honor the accomplishment and the martyrdom of nearly 100 barehanded Tunisian that faced fire guns .
I’m aware and appreciate very much that applications to your illustrious committee are accepted only from certain categories of people/professions. But given the very near deadline we are facing, I have allowed to myself to write this email as administrator of a public advocacy Cause on Facebook initiated 4 days ago and that has, so far, reached nearly 18000 members.
Please find the link for our cause :

I finally count on your understanding and remain at your disposal revolution

Respectfully yours,


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