To nominate Tunisian People for Peace Nobel Prize

Chers amis,

Je compte sur vous pour recruter a tour de bras et faire un vrai Buzz mondial.
Imaginez les retombees economiques, sociales et politiques de cela. Le Peuple Tunisien a demontre qu'il merite amplement cela. Beaucoup de pays feront obstacle a cette cause mais, je compte sur vous pour etre tres nombreux.

Dear Peace Lovers,
What has been accomplished by the people of Tunisia is absolutely unprecedented in the history of nations. Tunisian have, peacefully, ousted a tyrannical dictatorship yet supported by most free world governments. This is a fantastic success story of the strong will of people thriving for Freedom. This people deserve your support. Please join our cause for a nomination to the Peace Nobel Prize.
If the people wants to live ; The Destiny should obey. (Translation From the Tunisian Anthem)

1. Rassembler des Millions de voix a travers le monde.