Protecting our access to our forest heritage.

Our country has been asset stripped over many years by successive governments, its resources being sold off to the highest bidder. Now the Forests are being targeted.

They pretend that they will remain available for our use, but this is extremely unlikely.

What is more likely is that the few that are not exploited for the 'crop', that they represent, will be developed for their tourist potential meaning that we will have to pay to access what we already own. An environmentalist on the BBC news described a forest similarly sold a while ago. You can still get 'access' to this wood as long as you are able to climb over a padlocked gate.

Our forests, other than being centers of biodiversity are OUR heritage. We must defend them against this attack, they must remain in public ownership for us and for our children.

75% of people polled said that they were against this move but DEFRA issued a letter which more or less said, 'We're doing it anyway'. We must add our voices to this debate.

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