38 degrees to meet with forestry panel

38 degrees are due to meet with the forestry panel very soon, they have posted on their website the issues they are going to raise. If you agree with thoase issues they are asking people to sign to say they agree and this will be presented to the…Read More

the forestry panel

Hi all, long time no speak, just had an email from 38degrees [see below] about the panel the ConDems set up after they caved under pressure re the forests last time. The consultation is until the end of July so if you could take a bit of time to answer their…Read More

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the government have set up a panel to 'look at the future for the forests' no-one from any of the anti sell off campaigns on the panel but loads of people who would make a lot of money from them being sold off

Major U-turn

The government have today annouced a major U-turn on the sale of forests in England.

Keeps on growing

Over 200 new members in the last 12hrs, thats good going :) Further to the information on the Whinlatter rally on the 19th Feb, i have posted a discussion board topic for people to say if they intend going. the link to boards is on lower right side of the…Read More

Second rally planned for Lake District

The save lakelands forests campaign www.savelakelandsforests.org.uk. are organising a second rally for the 19th February for Whinlatter Forest near Keswick on the back of their successful Grizedale Forest Rally. I would urge all who can attend to do so.

Updated information

WOW over 1100 members, thanks to all those who have recruited their friends to this cause. I have posted a link to the cause page that takes you to the Defra report that states the sell off, rather than making money as the government suggests, will actually…Read More
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